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Regular Fertilization Applications are Key to a Green and Healthy Lawn

Regular Fertilization Applications are key to a green and healthy lawn

Why Your Lawn Needs Fertilization

You might ask, why should I bother with fertilization. The grass continues to grow after mowing. This may be the case, but is it thriving? There is a good chance that your lawn is starved of essential nutrients and struggling to maintain optimum levels of health and vitality. Better fertilization means lusher grass and greater protection from weeds, pests, and disease. Those essential nutrients for lawn fertilization include.

~ Nitrogen. This is important for improving chlorophyll production. Not only does this aid photosynthesis but it provides that strong green tone you are after.

~ Phosphorus. This nutrient gets to work deeper in the stems and roots. Without a strong root system, the grass can’t take in more water and nutrients.

~ Potassium. This nutrient acts as a healthcare supplement for boosting immunity to disease and makes the grass more resilient.

Selecting the Right Fertilizer for Your Lawn

Lawns in Charlotte, North Carolina have both warm-season and cool-season grasses. It is important to know the difference so you can use the best fertilizer for your lawn. That is where RDS Lawn Care services can help. We can match the right product to the right grass type. There is no one-size-fits-all type method for everyone and the wrong fertilizer could make the situation worse.

At RDS Lawn Care, we don’t choose between liquid vs granular. Instead, we use a careful combination of 4 liquid and 3 granular treatments in our 7-stage program. But, why use liquid and granular fertilizer on your lawn? Here is the difference between the two.

Liquid fertilizers:

These fertilizers are great for fast results in problem areas. But, they are so effective that you need an expert fertilization service to avoid damaging the grass through misuse. The liquid provides quick-release nitrogen and needs more frequent applications.

Granular fertilizers:

This alternative solution for lawn fertilization is a slow-release method in pellet form. Once activated with water, they allow essential nutrients to seep into the soil and then enter the root systems of the plant.

By providing a combination treatment, we can improve lawns in Charlotte, North Carolina in a more efficient and adaptable method. The grass gets the benefits of both forms and we can build a schedule that works for your grass type.

How Often Does Your Lawn Need a Fertilizer Application?

Efficient fertilization that creates noticeable results is not a one-time job. Instead, you need regular fertilization applications. You can’t put a single treatment on your lawn and expect it to work wonders. What you can do, however, is take advantage of the 7-step plan from our expert team at RDS Lawn care. We can set up the best lawn fertilization schedule for your garden based on the type of product used and the type of grass. Typically, you are looking at a course of 7 treatments with 30-day intervals. But, we will adapt this to better suit your needs. That is why is it so important to turn to a professional rather than attempt a DIY solution.

Contact Us for Professional Fertilization Solutions in Charlotte.

The best way to be sure of professional fertilization for the long-term health and revitalization of your lawn is to get in touch with us at RDS. We can service homes in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, including Mt. Holly and Belmont, for effective results. To learn more about how our 7-step fertilization program can help you, and to get a quote, call us on (704) 327-2386.


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