Gastonia Lawn Care

RDS Lawn Care is the top lawn care service company in Gastonia NC. If you’re looking for a beautiful lawn from a professional service.

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Important Lawn Care Services to your lawn’s success.

  • Fertilization – Fertilization is necessary in order to ensure your lawn is getting all of it’s needed nutrients for proper growth and health.
  • Weed Control –  Unsightly weeds are a bummer in an otherwise beautiful lawn. We would love to come out and help take care of those so you can enjoy a weed free lawn.

Let the expert team at RDS lawn care take care of your lawn in the Gastonia, NC area.

Gastonia has not only exciting commercial architecture, but also beautiful residential homes. Here at RDS Lawn care we strive to provide only the best of service to the residents of Gastonia, NC.

Mosquito, Lawn Insect, and Lawn Disease Control

  • Mosquito Control – Summers are made for enjoying and with our mosquito control program, that’s just what you’re going to do mosquito free.
  • Lawn Disease Control – Keep your lawn safe and healthy with our 3-step preventative lawn disease control program.
  • Lawn Insect Control – Often insects can be hard to detect, but the damage they leave behind is obvious. If you’ve noticed signs of damage in your lawn please reach out so one of our experts can put together a specialized plan for your lawn to bring it back to full-health.

Aeration, Overseeding, and New Lawn Seeding Services

  • Aeration – Through our liquid and core aeration services we can open your lawn up to all the water and nutrients it may be missing out on.
  • Overseeding – If you’ve noticed some bare spots or even some smaller holes in your lawn, give us a call and we will gladly get those filled with our top-class seed mix.
  • New Lawn Seeding – Our New Lawn Seeding service is for those longing to have that beautiful lawn replace their dirt yard.

We have been serving the Gastonia community for 25 years, we’d love to serve you too

After 25 years serving the Gastonia, NC community we really know the area and how to best help the lawns here. You may have seen us around helping some of your neighbors and we can’t wait to serve you as well. We excel at turning your lawn into the lawn of your dreams, call today at (704) 822-1625


What services are you interested in?