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Take your yard from dirt to a beautiful lawn with RDS Lawn Care. We use only the best seeds to ensure success and a lush green lawn.

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Top Quality Grass Seeding

Our lawn maintenance plan spans the cold and the warm seasons for a good reason. We subdivide the seasonal steps, carrying out a specific task at every stage. This way, we can provide a beautiful, well-maintained, lawn.

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We use test results from NC state to pick only the best seed blends

We are a lawn seeding service company with distinction. We ensure to carefully pick high-quality seeds that have been tested for both disease and drought resistance. We also ensure our seeds adhere to specific color requirements, something your regular renovation store won’t do for you.

RDS Lawn Care has been creating new lawns and maintaining old ones for 25 years now and we can’t wait to help take your lawn to the next level. Give us a call at (704) 822-1625 for a quote today!

Warm-Season Grasses

The warm season is like our reference point. Since the warm-season grasses do best when the conditions are warm, they need to be planted in the spring through early summer. Just like any other seeds, your lawn needs to be prepared before seeding. Our experts will prepare your lawn in two stages. During the first visit, the crew will control the existing weeds through spraying. After the weeds are dead, the second visit will involve dethatching, aerating, seeding, and applying fertilizer to your newly seeded lawn.

Cold-Season Grasses

If you prefer the cold season grasses, we still have a perfect solution for you. These grasses thrive best in cold temperatures. As such, cool-season grasses should be planted during the fall to give them the best chance. Our crew approaches this differently from expected. We will plant the cool-season seeds without killing the weeds first and wait until springtime to do the weed control. This is because cooler temperatures make it extremely hard to kill weeds that have gone dormant. When the spring rolls around, and the weather is warm, we can easily control the weeds without impacting the newly planted cool-season grass.

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Seeding Schedule and Maintenance Year Plan

Warm Grass Schedule

January through March – we focus on controlling any winter weeds that could be emerging as winter nears the end. This time, our crew applies both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control products. The post-emergent application kills any winter weeds that may have already sprouted, while the pre-emergent products stunt any sprouting warm-season weeds, killing them off eventually. 

April through June – Due to the relatively warm temperatures, this is the ideal period to plant warm-season grasses. These grasses reap from the warm soil as well as early seasonal rains. The soil will retain the moisture required for germination and establishment of the grass. As is our norm, we will continue with carefully selected post-emergent weed control products as we feed the turf. 

July through mid-September – killing weeds remains our focus. This ensures that the fertilizer we apply feeds the turf roots and not the weeds. We insist on controlling weeds since the warmer season favors the rapid growth of both the weeds and the turf. If the weeds are not checked, they can quickly establish and overwhelm the turf. 

Mid-September through December – as the cold season sets in, your warm-season turf begins to go dormant. During the cold months, the growth rate nearly comes to a standstill. We will supply your turf with the necessary nutrients to sail down the cold season. Consequently, we will make a two-round post-emergent control application to eliminate any winter weeds that could flourish during the cold season when the warm-season turf is dormant.

Cold Grass Schedule

January through March – Our biggest focus is on removing any existing weeds and putting down pre-emergents to protect against any new weeds taking up the space where we want grass to be. We also will treat your lawn with a healthy dose of fertilizer in order to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to survive the upcoming warm months.

April through June – We focus our efforts on managing weeds so that they do not compete with the turf for nutrients. We also fertilize the turf to help it grow dense through the summer. This is one of many ways of ensuring the turf itself discourages weed infestation.

June through mid-September – we continue with the weed control practices, but this time we use the post-emergent weed control products that focus on the already emerging weed heads. Our products are meant to not only control the present weeds but also prevent future weeds from emerging. We ensure to apply the products carefully and only to the target plants (weeds). Our selection of the products depends on where and how far the turf has grown. If the turf is already established, we have the best selective post-emergent applications to compensate for the unavoidable contact with the grass. We also apply fertilizers to ensure the turf is adequately nourished to withstand fall temperatures as we control the weeds.

Mid-September through December –  We begin planting seeds for your new lawn. Due to the way weed controls work we won’t apply any during this time in order to give your seeds the greatest opportunity to germinate and take root. 


What services are you interested in?