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Our Overseeding Service is second to none for getting your lawn green and healthy again.

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We only use the highest quality seeds to ensure a high success rate.

If you see your grass beginning to thin out or the blades of grass seem weak that may be a sign your grass needs more nutrients and potentially even some new grass seeds. While our fertilization services are amazing for getting those nutrients to your lawn if your weakened grass is starting to have bare or bald spots, overseeding is the only way to bring those spots back to the healthy green lawn you want. We only use the highest quality seeds available for our climate in order to make sure those seeds germinate as much as possible leading to a beautiful green lawn as fast as possible.

Overseeding Service on lawn in Fort Mill, SC

We only use the highest quality seeds

North Carolina state runs a trial test for all manufacturers seeds for a number of different categories. Some of these categories include color of seeds, Disease resistance, Drought Resistance, and many other important factors. Once these tests are complete they provide a report showing the results that we use to choose our seeds. The seeds we use are proven to be the best so we can offer you the highest quality overseeding service in North Carolina and parts of South Carolina where we serve.

We offer our Overseeding Service with our core aeration service and starter fertilizer

The purpose of Overseeding is to supplement your already existing lawn with new grass seed spread throughout. While Overseeding by itself goes a long way in helping make your lawn lush and green, pairing it with Aeration and starter fertilizer ensures you get the most out of Overseeding. Core Aeration will allow your seeds to find their way deep into the soil where they can germinate and starter fertilizer uses a special blend to provide the exact nutrients to help give those seeds a healthy starting point.

What comes with our Overseeding program?

Core Aeration: Core Aeration is the method of using machinery to poke holes throughout your lawn and remove cores of soil. This process provides your lawn much better access to water and essential nutrients plus opens up the soil to accept new seeds and begin the germination process.

Starter Fertilizer: Starter Fertilizer is simply a special blend of fertilizer used to provide the needed nutrients for seeds to germinate and help them take root in your soil. 

Overseeding: Overseeding is simply the process of spreading seeds throughout your existing lawn. Through combining this service with Core aeration and starter fertilizer we are able to provide optimal conditions for these seeds to germinate and grow in your lawn.

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What services are you interested in?

If your lawn is looking a little on the bald side, give us a call!

Our Overseeding service is second to none. If your lawn is looking bare or even bald in some spots please fill out a form on our site or give us a call at (704) 822-1625 for a free quote.

What do I do once my lawn has been overseeded?

After your lawn has been overseeded we have some recommendations to ensure your lawn continues to grow healthy and green. First off, you will want to limit people walking across your lawn and maintain a consistent watering schedule. If you can do this for about 3 weeks while the seeds are still germinating and taking root you will have the best results. After 3 weeks there are a few specifics regarding the watering schedule that will give your lawn exactly what it needs.

4-5 weeks: In order to give your soil enough water you will want to water deeply. What this means is giving more water, but at less frequent intervals. Doing this you will want to aim for getting the water about 2 or 3 inches deep into the soil to encourage stronger roots for your new grass.

5-9 weeks: Your grass may start to look green about this time, but you still want to maintain 2 inches of water per week. This will give your lawn the time it needs to really spread its roots out across the soil after the overseeding service is complete.


What services are you interested in?