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Lawn Disease Control

You may have noticed lawns in your neighborhood with large brown patches, a blemish on an otherwise beautiful lawn. These brown patches are a disease literally called brown patch and it is prevalent in our climate.

Brown Patch disease on lawn in Belmont NC

 Lawn diseases can be a huge danger particularly in the climates found in North and South Carolina. Prevention is key with lawn diseases in order to protect your lawn from damage that often is irreversible.  If your lawn is already exhibiting signs of disease the damage is already done, but don’t worry we still can help. In order to address a sick lawn, our team will create a specialized treatment plan for your lawn depending on the disease it’s facing and bring it back to it’s healthy green self again in time.

RDS Lawn Care has been treating common diseases in our climate for many years. Every one of our technicians carry licenses to apply fungicides so we can always be ready to protect or treat your lawn.

We offer a 4-step fungicide program to prevent brown patch and other common diseases

Lawns in our service areas are susceptible to brown patch and other common diseases simply due to our climate. Heat, high humidity, and too much water create the perfect environment for Brown Patch to grow.

Our team at RDS Lawn Care knows exactly how to combat lawn disease through our 4-step program. We treat your lawn with fungicides 4 times throughout the spring and summer months in order to prevent diseases like Brown Patch from growing. Prevention is best in order to stop any damage being caused to your lawn, but if you’re coming to the game a little late we can still put together a specialized plan for your lawn. Our treatment plan is available in late April or Early May and we apply treatments every 28 days.

Factors that contribute to lawn disease

  • Standing water: Water pooling up across your lawn plus high humidity in the air create the perfect environment for fungus to grow.
  • Excessive thatch layer: Thatch is a layer of organic matter that builds up around the base of grass. This layer is natural, but if allowed to become too thick it can prevent needed water and nutrients from properly flowing through to the roots of your lawn.
  • Cutting grass at improper lengths: If you cut your grass too low you will cut off it’s storage of nutrients and make it harder for the lawn to grow back.
  • Compact soil: if your soil begins to compact and become too dense it will prevent the water, oxygen, and nutrients your lawn needs in order to be healthy and fight off disease.

If you’d like to keep your lawn safe or have begun noticing signs of disease please contact us as soon as possible!

Not only can we treat disease, but we can prevent it as well. The sooner we start the faster we can protect your lawn from any harmful turf diseases that can so easily begin to spread in our area. Call us at (Insert RDS Lawn Care Phone Number) to enroll in our 4-step prevention program or request curative treatments.

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What services are you interested in?


What services are you interested in?