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Summertime is for the outdoors. It’s the magical time when barbecues, lemonade stands, and pool parties thrive. The only thing standing in your way of a great time outdoors is the mosquitos. Nothing can ruin a lively pool party like an infestation of mosquitos! Not only are their bites painful and itchy, but they can also carry dangerous diseases. It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep the mosquitos away while outdoors. Luckily, you can shield yourself and your family through our mosquito control program.

Mosquito sucking blood in Belmont, NC

We’ll apply treatments to your home or business a total of 6 times throughout the year. That will ensure that the mosquitos completely stay away from your property. Our treatments are also proven safe and are incredibly effective. You’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your children and pets are safe from mosquitos. Reach out to us at RDS Lawn Care Services if you reside in Charlotte, Mt. Holly, or Belmont, NC. We also provide service to South Carolina, including Fort Mill.

Enjoy Year-Round Protection From Mosquitoes

You never know when mosquitoes may strike. All it takes is one significant rainfall for mosquitoes to start laying lots of eggs. That’s why we guarantee our clients’ year-round protection from mosquitoes. We’ll show up 6 times throughout the year to apply 6 unique treatments. We’ll start at the first sign of warm weather in March. That way, we can get a jump on the summer heat to stop the mosquitoes in their tracks.

You can expect a visit from us every 5 to 6 weeks. Our last application occurs in October when the cooler weather starts to come back. We’ll maintain a consistent schedule so that you won’t see any mosquitoes on your property during the entire year.

Keep Your Family Safe From Mosquito Borne Diseases

Mosquito season is upon us. With cases of Zika, Chikungunya, Dengue Fever, and West Nile Virus on the rise it’s important to take precautions against these dangerous insects before they have a chance to bite you. Mosquito bites are generally just a nuisance, but it only takes one time with a mosquito carrying a deadly disease to show just how dangerous these insects can be. Here is a little more information on some of the diseases mentioned above that mosquitos can be found carrying:

  • Zika virus Is a disease often spread by mosquitos. The virus lives in your blood, a favorite of mosquitos, and is spread by sharing contaminated blood through mosquito bites.
  • Chikungunya is often diagnosed through it’s symptoms of fever and joint pain. Chikungunya is primarily spread through mosquito bites as they transfer it from person to person.
  • Dengue Fever has symptoms of high fever, rash, and muscle/joint pain and, like all the other diseases in this list, is spread primarily by mosquitos.
  • West Nile, known for causing it’s own brand of fever, can be a particularly dangerous disease if contracted. Thankfully, one of the best forms of prevention is mosquito control which is what we are here for!

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It’s our goal to get you back to enjoying barbecues and outdoor parties. If you’re ready to stop swatting mosquitoes and scratching your bites, then you need to give us a call. We’ll keep your property protected all year round. We provide service to areas in both North Carolina and South Carolina. These include Charlotte, Mt. Holly, Belmont, NC, and Fort Mill, SC. Give us a call at (704) 327-2104 for a free quote or schedule service!

To ensure the best results, we use Demand CS and Archer Insect Growth Regulator, two of the best products on the market.

We make use of state-of-the-art power blowers that we wear on our backs. We’ll use them to cover your lawn with our mosquito treatment completely. Don’t worry; our treatments are both completely safe. Demand CS and Archer Insect Growth Regulator are both approved and registered by the EPA. They’re both cleared for use in schools and hospitals, two of the most sensitive areas in society. That means they’re both adequately safe for exposure to children and pets.

  • Demand CS features: Demand CS isn’t your typical insect repellant. Instead, it’s an advanced-generation solution that can control many types of insects. In addition to getting rid of mosquitoes, it also works on spiders, ants, fleas, wasps, and more.
  • Archer Insect Growth Regular features: Instead of eliminating mosquitoes, this product interrupts their life cycle. It will prevent their eggs and larvae from developing, effectively getting rid of them.


The combination of these two strong products is the ultimate mosquito protection. They allow us to control existing mosquitoes while preventing eggs from developing simultaneously. Before the applications have a chance to wear off, our team will be back to re-apply them! You’ll never have to worry about mosquitoes again.

Steps To Avoid Attracting Mosquitoes To Your Yard

Our mosquito control program is the ultimate way to control infestations. At the same time, you may unknowingly be attracting mosquitoes to your property. There are some essential steps that you can take to make your property unattractive to mosquitoes. That way, you can limit the number of mosquitoes that you see at your home or business. We enjoy educating our clients, so here are some steps to follow to stop mosquitoes from showing up:

  • Buildups of Water. If you have lots of standing water in your yard from recent rainfall, you can expect mosquitoes to show up. That’s because they lay their eggs in water. If you have pockets of standing water, you’re inviting mosquitoes to breed. Puddles of water also hurt the quality of your lawn, so it’s best to get rid of them.
  • Overgrown Grass. Mosquitoes can also breed in any overgrown foliage. If you have tall grass or plants, give them a trim to avoid mosquitoes from showing up.
  • Remove Objects That Hold Water. If you collect rainwater in buckets or tarps, you could be attracting mosquitoes. Try to avoid anything in your yard that holds puddles of water.

Start Protecting Your Family Today With RDS Lawn Care Mosquito Control!

 Mosquitos are the most dangerous creature in your neighborhood, and they can be found just about anywhere. Fortunately, we have a solution to keep you protected from mosquitoes all year long with our powerful mosquito control program. Protecting your family from mosquito-borne diseases is a no brainer. You can start protecting your family now by filling out the form above or below to get started with our service today. We’ll help keep your loved ones safe all year round.