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Proper Tree Pruning

Hey guys, it’s Aaron Suttenfield here with RDS Lawn Care. I want to talk to you real quick about how to properly trim a tree. We get this, I see this a lot in the landscape where homeowners have removed a few branches. And I wanted to show you right here where this root collar is on this tree. A lot of people will come in to a tree and will cut it right here because they want this limb to be removed. But if they’ll go all the way back to the main trunk of the tree here, I don’t know if you can see this well or not with this tree. But I want you to come back in and find this root collar you can kind of see it’s a little collar right here. And if you’ll make a really nice clean cut right here. This will naturally heal itself and this tree will be healthier. That’ll be a place where disease can’t get it as well because it naturally seals up and heals up. And if you come out here and you cut it and you leave this stump, this little stick sticking out, this will actually rot and it’s called die back and it’s damaging to the tree. So we want our trees to stay healthy definitely need to remove limbs. Especially as a tree gets bigger. This is not a very big tree. It’s been in the ground a couple of years. And as this tree gets taller, you know we’ll definitely limb this tree up to allow more sunlight in for the turf and the plants under it. But proper pruning of this tree is important and understanding where to make that cut is vital to the health of this tree long term. So hope that helps, if you’ve got any questions please reach out and give us a call.



What services are you interested in?


What services are you interested in?