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Lawn Disease in Mt. Holly, NC

Perfecting your lawn and landscaping can be challenging. Maybe you are dealing with spots of brown and dead grass that return every year and you can’t figure out why. This is a common problem with lawns in Mt. Holly, and we know how to help. Those perennial brown spots are likely the result of a lawn disease caused by the climate of North Carolina. While we all enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, humid conditions can create a breeding ground for various lawn diseases. RDS Lawn Care Services provides the best lawn disease control in Mt. Holly. Our skilled technicians know how to identify and treat lawn diseases common to the area. Your neighbors have been using our services for years to get the best-looking and healthiest lawns on their blocks, and we want to do the same for you!

RDS Lawn Care Reviews From Your Neighbors

Mike Hehir
Mike Hehir
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RDS has made my grass look green & great again. The staff and owner have been very accessible when needed. Glad to be using RDS for my lawn.
Jim Dobbins
Jim Dobbins
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RDS has been taking care of my lawn for eight years. My lawn always looks great. Neighbors have complimented our lawn more times than we can count, and we've referred RDS to our friends and neighbors just as often. The communication from the company is excellent, and whenever we have any type of problem - which is extremely rare - RDS is all over it quickly and professionally. The people throughout the company are simply the best. There are very few companies in any field that I would recommend as enthusiastically as I recommend RDS.
Josh Self
Josh Self
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RDS Lawn Care has done an exceptional job with my yard. They have been able to do what I could not for so many years. I have also referred RDS to several other people and so far everyone has had great things to say about the outcome of their yard. Thanks RDS..

Causes of Disease

There are a number of factors contributing to lawn disease being so common in North Carolina. For example, tall fescue turf and Kentucky bluegrass are commonly used cool-season grasses in our area. As perennial turfs, tall fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass provide a constant host for different diseases and pathogens every year. Cool-season grasses are especially vulnerable during warm seasons, which brings us to another major factor contributing to lawn disease in Mt. Holly – climate. 


The warm and sunny summer climate of the Carolinas can cause stress on cool-season grass. Spring rainfall combined with rising humidity as we transition into summer create the perfect conditions for lawn diseases to develop. Just like people, your lawn can get sick. When cool-season grasses are exposed to overwatering caused by spring rains and the excessive heat of the summer months, the immune system of the grass becomes compromised, and it can not properly defend itself. When this happens, RDS Lawn Care Services will defend your lawn!

Common Lawn Diseases in Mt. Holly

There are many types of lawn diseases that could develop on your lawn. Our lawn care technicians are experts at identifying and treating all the various lawn diseases you are likely to encounter. If you notice any symptoms of lawn disease, you should seek our professional assistance immediately. Here is how to identify a few of the more common diseases in our area:


  • Brown Patch – As the name suggests, Brown Patch is a lawn disease that is characterized by patches of brown grass appearing on your lawn. The patches may also resemble more of a yellow or tan color, and they will be somewhat circular in shape, with the patches often “melting” together to appear as one big patch. Brown patch affects cool-season grasses and is caused by the fungus, Rhizoctonia solani. This disease develops and spreads in mid to late summer and loves humid conditions, especially after a season of heavy rain. 


  • Large Patch – Similar to, and formerly known as, Brown Patch, Large Patch is essentially Brown Patch for warm-season turf. This disease is derived from different strains of the same fungus that causes Brown Spot. The patches of brown/tan colored grass are similar in color to that of Brown Patch, but they will be larger in size, with an expanding diameter. The patches of infected grass caused by Large Patch will often appear slightly sunken compared to the healthy turf. The warm-season grasses most commonly affected by Large Patch are centipedegrass, zoysiagrass, and St. Augustinegrass, all common to the Mt. Holly area. 


  • Leaf Spot and Melting Out – These two diseases are typically identified together. They are commonly found in bluegrasses and Bermudagrasses, and they develop mostly in wet, shaded areas. Leaf Spot produces small brown to black spots on blades of grass that develop light-colored centers and dark-colored borders when the spots expand. Melting Out is characterized by spots or flecks that are purple-to-red in color, with tan centers. Leaf Spot appears in the warmer summer months, and Melting Out typically occurs during April and May when temperatures are cooler. High nitrogen levels due to overfertilization, prolonged wetness, and shaded areas all contribute to these diseases.

How We Will Help

The humidity and high heat can create a real need for lawn control disease in Mt. Holly. We have developed a 3-step fungicide program to help you control disease and maintain a healthy lawn. We will treat your lawn throughout the spring and summer in 3 separate visits, 28 days apart. Our strategic planning of how and when to apply our fungicide will give your lawn the best chance at fending off disease.


We also offer separate services that can help prevent lawn disease before it even starts. Core aerating is a great way to make sure your lawn is draining properly. Improper draining on your lawn can create the damp conditions that diseases want. Fertilization and weed control is also important. Too much fertilizer can create elevated nitrogen levels, and weeds take away key sustenance from your lawn, creating the perfect conditions for disease to spread. Ask us more about how our core aeration and fertilization/weed control services can help with lawn disease control in Mt. Holly. 

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Battling against disease can be a difficult challenge that always requires professional expertise. RDS Lawn Care Services has the right experts for the job, and we are ready to help. Call us for a free quote at (704) 822-1625. We will help you win the fight against lawn disease!

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