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Mt. Holly Aeration Services

The population of Mt. Holly has been rising for years. As our community continues to grow, all of our lawns see more and more foot traffic. While having some friends over for a barbeque or back yard party is one of our favorite things to do in the sunshine of North Carolina, the continuous stress all those get togethers have on our lawns starts to take a toll. The weight of all those bodies constantly moving across your yard puts pressure on your lawn and causes the soil to become compacted. Compacted soil can lead to all sorts of problems for your lawn, such as bare and dying patches and pooling water. When this happens, aeration of your lawn may be the only way to get your lawn back to tip-top shape. Luckily for you, RDS Lawn Care Services provides the best aeration in Mt. Holly.

RDS Lawn Care Recommendations From Your Neighbors

Elizabeth C
Elizabeth C
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This business is amazing! Our yard was a dirt pit. We contacted RDS. The guy talked with my husband for over an hour. He was honest- our yard is a work in progress- but after just two months we have grass! It's green! The weeds are going away! Yes, it will not be perfect til next spring but we knew that. The improvement is beyond belief! We aren't embarrassed anymore. And when we desperately called to get our bushes trimmed, they could help. Give these guys a try!
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Great customer service across the board and worth the money spent! I had aeration/over-seeding done and they even come back after 30 days and re-apply seed where there is little growth.
Chowdah 7
Chowdah 7
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Absolutely pleased with these guys. They email the day before treating the lawn and always let me know what is being done. We had them aerate our lawn this fall too. They returned about three weeks later and put down some more grass seed in spots that were still a little bare. Techs are always happy to answer any questions I have and offer advice to help my lawn look it's best. I recommend RDS for anyone looking to maintain a nice lawn.

Core Aeration

Mt. Holly is a wonderful community that is growing every year. There are many great outdoor spaces in town, such as Tuckaseegee Park, that have large open fields that can tolerate heavy foot traffic better than our yards at home. Core aeration is a great way to help preserve your lawn and alleviate the stress that gets put on it. If your lawn is constantly pooling water, you have noticed bare spots and dead grass forming, or if you notice more and more pests in your yard than usual, core aeration may be just what you need.

Core aeration helps your lawn breathe by removing small plugs of soil and thatch that become compressed over time. The holes caused by the removal of these plugs allow your lawn not only to decompress and breathe better, but they also serve to help your lawn absorb nutrients and water. Water and oxygen need somewhere to go when trying to get down deep into the soil of your lawn. When your lawn is too compressed, the nutrients it needs hit a wall and can not be absorbed properly. If your lawn has become thinner or bare in areas, it may be due to a lack of nutrients caused by compressed soil. The small holes made by our core aeration service give those nutrients a place where they can flow through and get down deeper for a healthier, fuller-looking yard. 

Many homes in Mt. Holly feature fescue grass, which is a cool-season grass. These lawns will be aerated from September to October, while warm-season grasses, like Bermudagrass, should be aerated from May to June. Regardless of the type of lawn or the season in which we aerate, RDS Lawn Care Services always promises the best aeration in Mt. Holly. After we are finished going over your entire yard, we go through it a second time to ensure we do not miss anything. 

Liquid Aeration

Perhaps your lawn is pretty healthy, but there are just a few areas that aren’t as green as they used to be. If this sounds like your lawn, you should consider our liquid aeration service. Liquid aeration serves the same purpose as core aeration, but the process is slightly different. Instead of making holes in your lawn, we will apply a liquid mixture that will be absorbed by your lawn and will then start to loosen and break apart the soil to give the nutrients a chance to get down into the roots. This service should only be used for lawns that are at least 75% healthy, but it can greatly benefit any good grass that you would like to elevate to great!

Other Services

Our aeration service is just one of the many services we offer. See the list below for other services that can accompany aeration.

  • Overseeding This is often paired with our core aeration service. Overseeding is the process of laying down seed on top of existing grass. The holes made by core aeration create the perfect opportunity to lay down seed. 
  • Fertilization and Weed Control Fertilizing your yard gives your turf the nutrients it needs to survive. Fertilizing after aerating is a great way to ensure maximum absorption. While we’re at it, we will spray a herbicide to remove those unwanted weeds, like the all-too-common crabgrass that plagues Mt. Holly lawns.
  • Lawn Disease Control Aeration is a good place to start if you have yellow or brown grass, but what you’re seeing may also be the result of lawn disease. We will happily assess and treat your lawn to get it looking green again. 
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The Mt. Holly area is a budding community, and we want to help the city and its lawns look as beautiful as possible. We will take every step necessary to determine why your lawn is looking thin and apply the best treatment so that you and your neighbors can get back to enjoying the feel of healthy and lush grass under your feet. RDS Lawn Care Services is the only company to call for lawn aeration in Mt. Holly. Call us today at (704) 822-1625 to discover all we can do for you and your lawn!

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What services are you interested in?


What services are you interested in?