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How to properly take care of your lawn mower

Hey guys, this is Aaron Suttenfield with RDS lawn care and I’m about to cut my grass here today and I thought I would just share with you real quickly some things to think about with your mower. Obviously, the better we take care of our equipment, it will last longer, the better it’ll take care of our lawn, but some quick things I mean if you don’t know the last time you changed your oil on your mower, you probably need to change it. Usually for a homeowner with average use mowing once a week for 30-35 weeks a year if you change your oil once a season that’s enough. Also, don’t forget, you know the air filter, huge, it’s a very simple inexpensive part to change. If it gets clogged and it hasn’t been changed in a long time. Your engines not going to breathe well. You’re going to suck oil into the cycle allow the engine to complete completely seize up an engine I’ve had that happen before in my commercial mowing days. But changing the fuel filter, oil and air filter. Pretty simple. You can do it in about an hour on a Saturday at your house. hardware stores that sell mowers and maintain mowers will have kits available for you with all this stuff in it so you can do it yourself. Or you could drop it off for them. Probably take them about a week or so in the busy season to do that. But you need to maintain your equipment. And also, while it’s there, have them sharpen your blades. sharp blades are vital to healthy turf. So hope that gives you something to think about if you have maintained your mower in a while you might want to do it this weekend.



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What services are you interested in?