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There are several options to choose from when it comes to planting a brand new lawn. You may be wondering which method is the correct choice for you or where to even begin once you have decided how you want to plant your lawn. Once planted, different types of grass will require different care. All of these factors can make starting a new lawn seem like a difficult challenge. RDS Lawn Care Services wants to take on the challenge for you! We offer the best new lawn seeding in Gastonia, North Carolina, and we want to help you with all of your new lawn seeding needs. To find out more about our services and if new lawn seeding is right for you, keep reading or give us a call!


Benefits Of Seeding A New Lawn

Highest Quality Grass Seed

Seeding your lawn with RDS ensures your lawn starts with the highest quality seed and grass.

Deeper Root System

Because the grass seed started growing where it’s going to stay it allows your grass to grow a rich and deep root system.

Right Grass For Your Yard

We can recommend the right grass for the climate, leading to the best success in your neighborhood.

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Client Testimonials

What Your Neighbors Are Saying

RDS has done a great job on our lawn. In just one year we have seen a vast improvement. Knowing that it takes time and a few years of treatment to see the best results, we are very happy with the results so far. Also the pest treatment allows us to be in the yard without the worry of mosquitos and other pests. Highly recommend.

- Brad Huffstetler

RDS is best in class. I have been using the RDS team for over a decade to treat, aerate and seed my lawn. It takes time, but Aaron's formula for weed control and fertilization has my grass in tip top shape. I would highly recommend RDS to anyone wanting to have the nicest lawn in their neighborhood.

- Jason Barger

These guys are awesome. Our lawn (and many in our community) look great...like a well manicured golf course. We have had a great experience with them and they have almost repaired the damage that was caused by one of their competitors. They are responsive to concerns and take ownership of their products and procedures. They are a local company and know the soil very well.

- Crown Hoffman
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More Info

What Is New Lawn Seeding?

New lawn seeding is the process of laying down grass seed into soil where grass does not currently exist. It is a method of starting a brand new lawn from scratch, and, if maintained properly, this method will produce the longest-lasting and healthiest grass. At RDS Lawn Care Services, we will send out a specialist to analyze the landscape of your yard and devise the best plan before the new seeding process begins. You then get to choose from our wide variety of different seeds so that you get the exact look and feel you want in your lawn. You will not find a better or more comprehensive new lawn seeding service in Gastonia from any of our competitors!

New Seeding And Maintenance Schedule

The care and maintenance of your lawn can not be neglected in order to see the best results from new lawn seeding. Below is a general schedule we will follow to ensure healthy growth throughout the year.

January–March – Between these months, we will focus on taking care of any weeds with either a pre-emergent or post-emergent weed control, depending on the stage of the weeds in your lawn. Cool-season grass will also receive an application of fertilizer at this time to protect and prepare it against the summer heat. 

April–June – This is the ideal time of year/temperature to plant grass seed for warm-season turf, as the soil will retain moisture needed to properly germinate the seeds. For cool-season grasses, we will continue to fertilize the turf to discourage weed growth. Weed control efforts will continue for both types of grass. 

June–September – Weed control remains the main focus for both types of grass during these months. Weeds that are already visible will be treated with a post-emergent to eradicate them, and pre-emergent will be used to prevent weeds from ever forming in your lawn. 

September–December – Warm-season grasses will begin to go dormant during these colder months. While weed control continues, we will apply a fertilizer that is appropriate for the winter months ahead in order to prepare your warm turf for the cold weather. This is also the time that we lay down the new seed for cool-season grasses. This is the ideal weather for cool-season seeds to germinate. Weed control will be paused at this time for cool-season grass in order to give the seeds the best chance at taking root.

Benefits of Seeding a New Lawn Vs. Laying Sod

As the largest city and county seat of Gaston County, Gastonia should be represented by only the healthiest and thickest lawns surrounding the wonderful homes in the city. This is why we choose to use the new seeding method over laying sod. Sodding lawns appeals to customers because of the quick results and instant gratification. However, new lawn seeding by hand is by far the best choice for the longevity and overall health of your lawn. See below for a few benefits you will get from using our new lawn seeding service:

  • Cheaper – Hand-seeding a new lawn is the cheapest option of all new lawn seeding techniques. Laying sod and hydroseeding may be quicker, but both methods will result in a much heftier bill. Our hand-seeding service will never require you to break the bank! 
  • Healthier Grass – Though hand-seeding can be labor intensive, if seeded and maintained correctly, there is no substitute for the robust and rich grass you will get as a result. Luckily for you, RDS Lawn Care Services always does the job right! Sod can quickly become susceptible to weeds and disease, but our new lawn seeding service ensures deeper root growth for a stronger lawn. 

More Options – All of our seeds are lab-tested by NC State for quality and appearance. We have verified proof that our seeds are simply superior! We have a wide variety of seeds to choose from, so you can have a lawn with the exact color, feel, and thickness you desire. We have popular warm-season grasses, such as Bermudagrass or St. Augustinegrass, and all the best cool-season grasses, like Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue, which are some of the most popular grasses in Gastonia.

Additional Services

While we do offer the best new lawn seeding service in Gastonia, it is important to remember that this service should only be used when starting a new lawn. For lawns that are already well-established but just need a little extra seeding, check out our overseeding service. We will come out to your home and apply seed only where your lawn is in need of some help. Call us at (704) 822-1625 to find out what else RDS Lawn Care Services can do for your lawn!


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