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The subtropical North Carolina climate attracts many people to the area. The populations of Gastonia and many neighboring communities are consistently on the rise, with new homes and houses popping up every year. These new homes bring new lawns, and, unfortunately, lawns in the North Carolina climate are often vulnerable to disease. The humid environment of the area can often be a breeding ground for lawn disease, which is why you may notice brown spots forming all over your yard. RDS Lawn Care Services is proud to call North Carolina home, and we are on a mission to provide the best lawn disease control in Gastonia!


Benefits Of RDS Lawn Disease Control

Trusted Experts

Diagnosing and treating lawn diseases can be tricky. Our licensed experts know exactly how to combat lawn disease, so you don’t have to.

Green Lawn

Lawn disease leaves your lawn brown and dying. We know just how to nurse your lawn back to a thick, healthy, green lawn.

Curb Appeal

With a disease-free lawn, your yard can grow thick and healthy, leaving all your neighbors wondering how you did it.

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RDS has done a great job on our lawn. In just one year we have seen a vast improvement. Knowing that it takes time and a few years of treatment to see the best results, we are very happy with the results so far. Also the pest treatment allows us to be in the yard without the worry of mosquitos and other pests. Highly recommend.

- Brad Huffstetler

RDS is best in class. I have been using the RDS team for over a decade to treat, aerate and seed my lawn. It takes time, but Aaron's formula for weed control and fertilization has my grass in tip top shape. I would highly recommend RDS to anyone wanting to have the nicest lawn in their neighborhood.

- Jason Barger

These guys are awesome. Our lawn (and many in our community) look great...like a well manicured golf course. We have had a great experience with them and they have almost repaired the damage that was caused by one of their competitors. They are responsive to concerns and take ownership of their products and procedures. They are a local company and know the soil very well.

- Crown Hoffman
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Identifying Lawn Disease

Gastonia is home to beautiful estates with sprawling yards. Areas like Willow Creek and Bethesda Oaks feature large lawns that require a lot of attention. However, sometimes even the most attentive homeowners fall victim to lawn disease in their yards. The most common forms of lawn disease in Gastonia are Brown Patch and Large Patch, which affect cool-season grasses and warm-season grasses, respectively. 

Brown Patch – Grasses like tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass are considered cool-season grasses and are among the more popular varieties of turf in the Carolinas. As cool-season grasses, these turf types are more susceptible to disease in the warm and sunny weather we often enjoy here in the Gastonia area. Excess heat, rain, and humidity are all contributing factors to the development of Brown Patch. A fungus called Rhizoctonia solani is responsible for Brown Patch forming on your lawn, and it can quickly cause very visible damage. Brown Patch is characterized by circular spots of brown-to-yellow grass appearing on your lawn. These patches often begin to “melt” together to form giant brown areas all over your yard. 

Large Patch – Very similar to Brown Patch, and formerly one in the same, Large Patch is a lawn disease derived from the same fungus that causes Brown Patch, but it affects warm-season grasses. Warm-season turfs like centipedegrass, zoysiagrass, and St. Augustinegrass are all common grass types in Gastonia. As these warm-season grasses struggle in the cooler temperatures of fall and early spring, they become vulnerable to disease. A big contributing factor is overfertilization; Large Patch feeds off of excess levels of nitrogen in fertilizers that many homeowners and lawn care providers apply when these grasses begin to struggle. The effects of Large Patch will appear similar to Brown Patch, but the brown and yellow patches may appear larger and sunken, with an expanding diameter. 

Aside from the obvious formation of these diseased patches appearing on your lawn, there are a few other signs to look for that could indicate lawn disease:

  • Standing Water – If you have noticed water accumulating on top of your lawn after rainfall or watering, lawn disease may not be far away. The humid climate of Gastonia mixed with standing water that is not being properly absorbed is the perfect environment for a fungus to grow. 
  • Excessive Thatch – Some thatch buildup under the surface of your turf is natural, but it can quickly become too thick and prevent water from properly draining, which invites law disease. 
  • Compact Soil – Soil can quickly become too compact due to heavy foot traffic and excess weight put on your lawn over and over again. This is yet another cause of the improper draining of water that leads to lawn disease.


While these factors are often hard to avoid, there is an easy solution that we can provide. Our aeration services ensure that your lawn will drain and absorb water properly, so you never have to worry about water pooling on your lawn again. Aeration is a great way to prevent lawn disease before it even starts. Ask us how this and other services can benefit your lawn today!

Our Defense Against Disease

It is always best to try to prevent lawn disease before it takes over your yard, but we are here to help if spots are already beginning to form. We offer a 3-step fungicide program to help you fight back against lawn disease. Throughout the spring and summer months, we will begin an application of our safe and effective fungicide to your lawn. The process should begin between late April and early May, and applications will take place 28 days apart from one another, 3 times in the season. These intervals will ensure a long-lasting and strong defense against any fungi that are feeding off your turf. We guarantee the most effective lawn disease control in Gastonia.


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