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Don’t bag your grass clippings!

Hey guys, this is Aaron Suttenfield with RDS lawn care. And I want to give you a quick tip on a proper mowing technique that will save you some time and be healthy for your turf. If you are bagging your grass, I’m going to encourage you to stop doing that and start to recycle or start mulching or discharging sad discharging your grass from your mower. A couple of reasons. For this one, it’s gonna save you time. You don’t have to bag it. You don’t have to take care of those clippings and haul them off to a landfill. The other reason is you are removing the nutrients that we’re putting into your turf. When you remove that blade, you’re actually taking that nutrient out of the yard. So if you will recycle that and mulch that or sod discharge that back into the lawn, it will actually go back into the turf and feed the turf naturally. So you’re basically recycling the grass blade you’re saving yourself a ton of time and it’s healthy for the turf.


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