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Grub Control in Charlotte, NC

Nobody wants to deal with a grub infestation in their yard. Unfortunately, lawn grubs often find the grasses and soils used in the Charlotte, NC area to be ideal conditions. There are some telltale signs to look out for when determining if you have a lawn grub problem; yellow spots, spongy turf, patches of grass that peel back easily, and the presence of moles in your lawn and garden are all signs that you may have a grub infestation. RDS Lawn Care Services knows what to look for and what treatments to use when it comes to grub control. Customers throughout the Carolinas have been relying on us for years to take care of their grub control and lawn care needs, and here’s what some of them have been saying about our services!

RDS Lawn Care Recommendations From Your Neighbors

Colleen Ezzo
Colleen Ezzo
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Have used RDS for about 5 years and my yard always looks great. They are very good at communicating what, when and how my yard is doing and what to expect from service performed. I am very pleased with my service.
Jim Dobbins
Jim Dobbins
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RDS has been taking care of my lawn for eight years. My lawn always looks great. Neighbors have complimented our lawn more times than we can count, and we've referred RDS to our friends and neighbors just as often. The communication from the company is excellent, and whenever we have any type of problem - which is extremely rare - RDS is all over it quickly and professionally. The people throughout the company are simply the best. There are very few companies in any field that I would recommend as enthusiastically as I recommend RDS.
Elizabeth Smithers
Elizabeth Smithers
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RDS does an excellent job with making our lawn look great. When they started with us we were new home owners who had a lawn in need of extreme help and we definitely got it! I would highly recommend them.

Identifying An Infestation

Lawns that utilize mixtures of grasses, such as mixing cool-season grass with warm-season grass, are less likely to show signs of grub infestation, though it is possible. Lawns with only one type of grass are more susceptible to an infestation and should be checked for signs regularly. Small mounds of soil piling up on your lawn is the easiest way to identify a potential problem. Reach down and press your hand into the soil. If the turf feels spongy or if you can easily peel it back, there is a good chance you have an infestation. Are you seeing more and more critters, such as moles and raccoons, poking around in your yard? Since these types of animals love to feast on grubs, this could be another sign that you are in need of our grub control services. 

Types Of Grubs

While there are many types of grubs, there are a select few species that are more common to Charlotte and the surrounding area. Some of the most common grubs you are likely to encounter are the following:

  • Armyworms – These grubs are recognizable by their sleek bodies and tiny heads. They will often have a thick, dark band along the top of their bodies. The damage they cause is often confused with common drought stress, as they are known to create spots of brown or yellow grass on your lawn that resemble the effects of drought. A good way to tell the difference is to examine the blades of grass in the area. If you notice the tips of the grass have been chewed on or chewed through, you most likely have armyworms. 


  • Chinch Bugs – In larva form, you will see a white c-shaped grub, with a tan to orange head and six legs. In adult form, the bugs have black oval-shaped bodies, with white wings overlapping on their backs. These grubs like the hotter, late-summer temperatures, and they feed on the liquid inside blades of grass by piercing the blade and sucking out the liquid. This process causes your grass to turn yellow and resemble dead grass. 


  • Japanese Beetles and June Bugs – The larvae of these bugs is the most common type of grub to Charlotte. Their appearance in larva form is a crescent-shaped white body, with an orange head and a darker color at the opposite end of the body. These grubs are most active during August, and they feed on the roots of the grass. If you feel the previously mentioned spongy soil in your lawn, these grubs are usually the culprit!

Get The Best Defense

Our expert technicians at RDS Lawn Care Services are highly skilled at identifying and removing lawn grubs specific to the Charlotte area. Once we have determined the best grub control method for the issues facing your lawn, we will develop a plan with you to fix the damage that the grubs caused. Call us now at (704) 822-1625 for all your grub control needs!

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