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Aeration in Charlotte, NC

Here in the Charlotte area and all over North Carolina, we experience some of the nicest weather anywhere in the country. Unfortunately, this often means that lawn maintenance can be a much more difficult task than in other areas. With the warmer weather comes more foot traffic on your lawn, excessive drought conditions, and compacted soil in your yard, all of which can cause your lawn to develop bare spots, standing water, and even pest infestation. If these problems sound like the issues facing your lawn, RDS Lawn Care Services is here to help!

RDS Lawn Care Recommendations From Your Neighbors

Jason Barger
Jason Barger
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RDS is best in class. I have been using the RDS team for over a decade to treat, aerate, and seed my lawn. It takes time, but Aaron's formula for weed control and fertilization has my grass in tip top shape. I would highly recommend RDS to anyone wanting to have the nicest lawn in their neighborhood.
WC Adams
WC Adams
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We are extremely happy with the service that RDS lawn care has provided us. We were having issues with bare spots and weeds in our yard and had tried other lawn care services with no luck. RDS has our yard looking great now!!
Deborah Beach
Deborah Beach
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RDS Lawn Care Services provide outstanding service. It's so refreshing working with a professional landscaping company. If you want results and reliable lawn care I recommend RDS Lawn Care Services. The company stands behind their service and is very customer focused. Exceptional lawn care business.

Core Aeration

There is nothing better than having some friends and family over for a barbeque or party in your yard and enjoying the perfect Carolina weather. However, the constant traffic, coupled with high heat and drought effects, can make your soil become too dense and compact for the necessary nutrients to be absorbed by your lawn. Our core aeration service is the best way to combat this problem. 

Core aeration is the process of removing small plugs of soil and thatch from your lawn in order to help it breathe and absorb nutrients better. Removing these plugs leaves behind tiny holes in your lawn, and these holes allow your soil to get more oxygen and nutrients and allow water to drain and be absorbed more fully. Signs that your lawn is in need of core aeration include standing water on top of your grass and bare spots on your lawn, both of which create conditions that can attract pests to your yard. While our pest control service is top-notch, we would rather take care of the problem before it starts with our core aeration service.

If your yard has cool-season grass, such as tall fescue or perennial ryegrass, we will perform a core aeration from September to October. If your yard has warm-season grass, such as Bermudagrass or St. Augistinegrass, we will core aerate from May to July. To ensure the best results possible, we will always go over your lawn a second time after the first pass is complete to make sure we did not miss any areas. After we leave, your lawn will be left with the removed plugs atop the grass. While you can rake them up and dispose of them, many customers choose to leave the plugs on the lawn, as they will reintroduce themselves to the soil and help provide additional nutrients. If you are ready for healthier, thicker grass in your yard, core aeration may be right for you!


Have you ever seen the vibrant greens and fairways of Harry L. Jones Sr. Golf Course? That kind of lawn care perfection is most easily achieved by Overseeding during core aeration. After the core aeration process removes the aforementioned plugs, the effects of spreading seed over your lawn are optimized. After aeration, the seeds will have thousands of holes to fall into and will have better access to water and nutrients. Overseeding is best paired and highly recommended to use with our core aeration service. 

Also, you can rest assured that you are getting the finest seeds in the Carolinas when you choose RDS Lawn Care Services. We use a seed trial performed by NC State that tests over 200 varieties of seeds each year. They are checked for drought tolerance, disease resistance, and their hue/shade. You will not find seeds better suited to our climate anywhere.

Liquid Aeration

Liquid aeration is another option for customers who elect to use our aeration services. This type of aeration is only recommended for lawns that are at least 75% healthy. Liquid Aeration utilizes a liquid mixture that is sprayed over your lawn, and the mixture will slowly begin to loosen the soil and allow water and nutrients to be absorbed better. This method covers more ground than core aeration. However, core aeration is still the better option for compacted soil. If your lawn is already looking pretty good and you just want to take it to the next level, liquid aeration is the way to go!

Other Lawn Care Services we offer in Charlotte, North Carolina

Mosquito Control: For Charlotte residents we know if you live in Westerly Hills, Coulwood West, or Coulwood East you may find yourself a little bit closer to your neighbor. You may be trying to do things like keep standing water on your property to a minimum in order to prevent Mosquitos from breeding, but your neighbor maybe isn’t. That’s why we offer professional mosquito control to help keep your property safe even if your next door neighbor isn’t. 

Lawn Disease: We have seen brown patch really plague a lot of lawns in Charlotte. We saw quite a few lawns start to spread brown patch in Griers Fork, but using our special 3 treatment program we were able to shut down the disease and it’s spread.

Lawn Insects: There are certain grubs and insects that can really do a number on your lawn’s health if left unchecked. Our professionals are ready to examine your lawn, determine the problem, and provide you the optimal solution to improve or even save your lawn’s health.

New Lawn Seeding: This unique service takes you from an empty plot of dirt to a beautiful lawn to match your gorgeous home.

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