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Watering Information

One of the most common questions we get is, “how much should I be watering?” And it’s a difficult question to answer. Hopefully, this post will help!

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Grass Identification Guide For North Carolina

Lawns in North Carolina are lucky enough to be located in the “transition zone,” meaning our area is not too hot or too cold… it’s just right! This means that both warm-season and cool-season grasses can be used for most Carolina lawns. While warm grass types are perfect for costal and more southern areas, cool grasses thrive in the mountains and to the north. The experts at RDS have compiled this guide to help you pick the perfect grass for your Carolina lawn! 

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When To Aerate Lawns In North Carolina

Aeration is an important step to take in any lawn care routine, but it is often overlooked or viewed as unnecessary. However, the truth is that aerating your lawn at the appropriate time can alleviate and prevent many issues that plague frustrated lawn care enthusiasts. Depending on your lawn’s grass type and condition, proper aeration will help you create the vibrant, lush grass you have always wanted.


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