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Immaculate bushes and healthy shrubs are what we at RDS Lawn care pride ourselves in.

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A Superior Tree and Shrub Program

Have you been overlooking your trees and shrubs? If so, then you should put an end to that as soon as you can. Your trees and shrubs are a considerable investment, and they add a lot of value to your property. If you neglect them, not only will your yard look crummy, but the value of your property goes down.

That’s why we’re here with our fertilization plans and preventative disease measures. They will make sure your trees and shrubs get the proper nutrients and stay safe from diseases. In fact, we have an extensive 4-step tree and shrub care program where we visit your home 4 times a year. It includes all our essential services: Fertilization, Insect Control, and disease prevention.

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From the roots to the leaves, we’ll make sure your plants are incredibly healthy!

You’ll be in great hands when you choose us to take care of your plants, trees, and shrubs. We specialize in the treatments and care of lawns and landscaping. Our team will provide you with an extensive health program for your precious trees and shrubs. Reach out to us if your home or business is in Charlotte, Mt. Holly, or Belmont, NC. We also provide service to Fort Mill, SC. Please contact us now to learn more about how our team can help you!

Enjoy Our 4-Step Tree and Shrub Care Program from February Until the End of the Year

Like our other services, you’re guaranteed healthy trees and shrubs throughout the entire year. We’ll visit your home or business at 4 strategic times during the year. We will diagnose and treat any issues that we find with your shrubs and trees during these visits. Our program kicks off in February and then runs throughout the rest of the year. It targets disease, fertilization, and insect invasions.

For fertilization treatments, we will either use a root-zone feeding or a deep-root feeding. It will all come down to the size of the tree or shrub. Our treatments are specially designed to help your shrubs and trees achieve a higher level of health. That way, when the growing season comes, they’ll be in superb shape to withstand the elements.

Should your shrubs or trees become diseased, we’ll treat them outside our regular visits for an additional fee. Our team will make sure that your landscaping stays pristine no matter what.

Through our superior training, we’ve identified the insects that are beneficial to trees. For these insects, we keep them safe from our treatments so the tree can thrive. Our treatments will only target the insects that will harm your trees. These include Japanese beetles, emerald ash borers, and more. We make use of horticultural oil, which is an all-natural insect repellant. When you combine all these steps, you get superior protection for your trees and shrubs.

Thanks to a background in horticulture our team can identify all the early signs of disease. We also know which types of insects are harmful and which are not.

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Our team will work tirelessly to improve the health and durability of your shrubs and trees. Our solutions have been proven effective in helping plants retain a healthy, vibrant green color. Don’t wait to enroll in our program today by giving us a call at (704) 822-1625 as soon as you can! We provide our services to areas around Charlotte, Mt. Holly, and Belmont, NC. We also do work in some cities in South Carolina, including Fort Mill.

The Most Common Diseases for Trees and Shrubs

  • Powdery Mildew: This excessive fungal growth causes a grayish-white coating on tree leaves and surfaces. These infected areas start small but rapidly spread, taking over the entire plant. As it worsens, the plants will eventually turn yellow and then black.
  • Leaf Spot: You’ll have to worry about this disease during the hot weather of the summer. Humidity is another trigger of leaf spot. The early signs include areas that appear to be soaked with water. From there, these spots turn into a brownish-black color with a circular shape. Rampant bacteria is the culprit behind leaf spot.
  • Phytophthora Root Rot: This dangerous disease will attack the foundation of your shrubs and trees. It occurs during raised soil temperatures and an increase in moisture. Symptoms that your roots have this condition include reduced leaf size, thinning crowns, and dying branches.