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New Lawn Seeding in Mt. Holly

Many people want a brand new lawn but do not know where to start. With all the options and the time investment necessary to create a new landscape for your yard, beginning a new lawn can seem like a difficult challenge. RDS Lawn Care Services wants to take on that challenge of all your new lawn seeding needs in Mt. Holly. We will give you the lawn you always envisioned in the most affordable and effective way possible. The Mt. Holly area has been our home for years, and we have been making beautiful lawns for the community ever since we opened our doors. Keep reading to see what people have been saying about our services.

RDS Lawn Care Reviews From Your Neighbors

Crown Hoffman
Crown Hoffman
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These guys are awesome. Our lawn (and many in our community) look a well manicured golf course. We have had a great experience with them and they have almost repaired the damage that was caused by one of their competitors. They are responsive to concerns and take ownership of their products and procedures. They are a local company and know the soil very well.
Blake Bowersock
Blake Bowersock
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In just six months on a long road to repair our lawn looks more amazing than we could have imagined. Can't wait to see year after year the improvements. Owners are responsive and I also appreciate their referrals for other professional, local service providers.
Chowdah 7
Chowdah 7
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RDS has been taking care of my lawn for eight years. My lawn always looks great. Neighbors have complimented our lawn more times than we can count, and we've referred RDS to our friends and neighbors just as often. The communication from the company is excellent, and whenever we have any type of problem - which is extremely rare - RDS is all over it quickly and professionally. The people throughout the company are simply the best. There are very few companies in any field that I would recommend as enthusiastically as I recommend RDS.

What Is New Lawn Seeding?

New lawn seeding is a method of planting new grass seed into bare soil in order to start a new lawn from scratch. This process differs from overseeding, another service we offer, in that overseeding involves laying down seed into already existing grass that may need help in some areas. New lawn seeding is the process of placing grass seed into soil in order to grow a brand new lawn. There are many factors to consider when it comes to seeding a new, healthy lawn, and RDS Lawn Care Services knows exactly what to do to give you the best results of any new lawn seeding service in Mt. Holly. 

Types of Grass

There are different factors to consider when choosing what kind of grass you would like for your new lawn. During our new seeding process, we will take all the measures necessary for you to have the perfect lawn. Make sure to ask about our aerating, weed control, and fertilizing services that accompany the new lawn seeding process and how these can benefit your new lawn during aftercare. The two main classifications of grass are warm-season and cool-season, each with their own unique needs. 

  • Warm-Season Grasses – Like the popular Bermudagrass and zoysia grass, warm-season grasses are highly durable and are made to withstand the heat and drought conditions during the North Carolina summers. Since these grasses thrive in warm temperatures, seeding should be done between spring and early summer so the grass can begin to grow as temperatures become more desirable. The following steps will be taken for seeding warm-season grasses:
    • Step One – We remove weeds on the first visit by applying a safe weed control mixture.
    • Step Two – After the weeds have died, we will aerate, seed, and fertilize your new lawn on the second visit.


  • Cool-Season Grasses – These grasses are popular choices for lawns because of their vibrant green colors and how quickly their seeds can germinate. Tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass are two very popular options in Mt. Holly. Cool-season grasses are best suited for colder temperatures; with this in mind, we will lay down seed for cool-season grasses in the fall to ensure the seeds have the best possible chance to germinate. Due to the nature of cool-season turf, the steps we take in planting this seed are as follows:
    • Step One – Our first visit will come in fall, and it is when we will aerate, seed, and fertilize your lawn. Unlike warm-season lawns, we will not remove weeds during our first visit. The cold temperatures required by cool-season seeds make it very difficult to kill weeds at this time.
    • Step Two – This second visit will come in the following spring. This is the time when we will make sure your grass is in good shape and begin the weed control process. The springtime weather creates a much more suitable environment for removing weeds. 

Benefits of Seeding a New Lawn Vs. Laying Sod

While Laying sod is a popular method for creating new lawns, hand-seeding is the best option for the Mt. Holly area. Hand-seeding is the most cost-effective method for planting a new lawn, and, although it can be more labor intensive, we are happy to put in the work for you so you have a healthy lawn. Our seeding method ensures that you will get the kind of healthy turf that can not be achieved through sodding.


Sodding appeals to some customers because of the instant gratification they get when their new lawn is rolled out and instantly ready to be walked on and used. However, though it may look nice at first, sod is highly susceptible to weeds and pests. If not placed down properly, gaps in between the strips of sod create spaces for weeds to easily grow. Also, because sod is made from one type of grass seed, pest infestation is far more likely to occur on a sodded lawn. RDS Lawn Care Services uses only the finest seeds that are tested by NC State to ensure that you get a blend of seeds that has been proven to withstand a number of issues, including pest and weed infestations. It may take a little longer to see the results you want, but we promise our new lawn seeding service will give you the healthiest lawn in Mt. Holly!

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