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At RDS Lawn Care our Fertilization Treatment experts are ready to give your lawn the nutrients and weed control necessary for a beautiful and healthy lawn.

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Outstanding Lawn Care Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

RDS Lawn Care is prepared to offer services that go above and beyond what your lawn needs to succeed in order to provide you with the best results possible. Read some reviews below detailing how happy your neighbors are with our services.

RDS Lawn Care Recommendations From Your Neighbors

Jim Dobbins
Jim Dobbins
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RDS has been taking care of my lawn for eight years. My lawn always looks great. Neighbors have complimented our lawn more times than we can count, and we've referred RDS to our friends and neighbors just as often. The communication from the company is excellent, and whenever we have any type of problem - which is extremely rare - RDS is all over it quickly and professionally. The people throughout the company are simply the best. There are very few companies in any field that I would recommend as enthusiastically as I recommend RDS.
Erin Large
Erin Large
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We have been using RDS for years now, and our lawn always looks green and healthy. We live in a new housing development and many of our neighbors sod quickly turned into a weed filled disaster, but ours amazing and completely weed free. Very well priced! The personal customer service you get working with a small business is an added bonus, and ten times better than the service you get dealing with a big chain! Aaron cares about his clients and their yards. You won't be upset if you leave your lawn in their hands.
Crown Hoffman
Crown Hoffman
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These guys are awesome. Our lawn (and many in our community) look a well manicured golf course. We have had a great experience with them and they have almost repaired the damage that was caused by one of their competitors. They are responsive to concerns and take ownership of their products and procedures. They are a local company and know the soil very well.

Our Specialized Lawn Fertilization Service for Charlotte, NC

 We have a very thorough outline of our fertilization program that you can read up on here. This will detail what each application  includes for both fertilization and weed control plus the general time of year when those applications would normally be applied. In many parts of Charlotte your lawn may be rather close if not touching your neighbor and this can pose an issue with regards to how well your neighbor is taking care of their lawn. If they’re allowing dandelions to grow and you don’t have proper weed control your lawn will soon be growing dandelions as well. Here at RDS Lawn Care, we want to both take care of and protect your lawn from anything that could ruin it’s health or look.

Other Lawn Care Services we offer in Charlotte, North Carolina

Aeration: We tend to offer liquid aeration for warm-season grasses in the spring and core aeration for cool-season grasses in the fall. With cool-season grass it’s best to aerate twice a year, but with warm-season grasses you can get away with aerating just once a year depending on foot traffic. 

Overseeding: Whether filling in some gaps or just trying to give your lawn that full lush look overseeding can make a huge difference in the overall health and appearance of your lawn. We actually seeded a lawn off Berry Creek Road in Charlotte that made a night and day difference in the overall look of their lawn.

Mosquito Control: For Charlotte residents we know if you live in Westerly Hills, Coulwood West, or Coulwood East you may find yourself a little bit closer to your neighbor. You may be trying to do things like keep standing water on your property to a minimum in order to prevent Mosquitos from breeding, but your neighbor maybe isn’t. That’s why we offer professional mosquito control to help keep your property safe even if your next door neighbor isn’t. 

Lawn Disease: We have seen brown patch really plague a lot of lawns in Charlotte. We saw quite a few lawns start to spread brown patch in Griers Fork, but using our special 3 treatment program we were able to shut down the disease and it’s spread.

Lawn Insects: There are certain grubs and insects that can really do a number on your lawn’s health if left unchecked. Our professionals are ready to examine your lawn, determine the problem, and provide you the optimal solution to improve or even save your lawn’s health.

New Lawn Seeding: This unique service takes you from an empty plot of dirt to a beautiful lawn to match your gorgeous home.

Tree and Shrub Care: Don’t neglect the care of your trees and shrubs. These often are not only investments of money, but also time as it can take years for a large tree or shrub to grow back to size.


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